Brother Smythe

Journal of Brother Mathias Smythe, evening following the ritual of the three

My day began with mine and Brother Mills’ initiation. Much like the fathers before us, all the brother’s must take part in the Ritual of the Three in Porliss Caith. The Church of Light is responsible, along with the college of wizardry, and the Warrior Sons, to partake in a ritual depicting the events of a great battle that is key to the history of the Warrior Sons.
Brother Mills had been selected to partake in the Church of Light’s role, much to the doubts of Father Cooper, our mentor and guide to our spiritual growth. Carlist is known throughout the Church for being a klutz and a buffoon, but his faith is pure, and he is blessed by the God of Light. I hate to admit, I am envious of the investiture he has received from the Light.
Naturally, Carlist’s reputation was reinforced during the Ritual of the Three. He dropped the sacred relic, twice. When he handed the sword off to the Warrior Son, I was worried he was going to kill the poor paladin. Sometimes I fear that Carlist will blind himself with a simple light incantation. I hope I am wrong.
The Warrior Son continued the ritual and then something terrible happened. The statue of the beast, that the warrior son is supposed to ritualistically cleave, immediately came to life!! It immediately went to Father Cooper, bringing him close to death with one quick strike. I thought he had departed our world.
Then it went for the archmage. It would have killed him too if that Warrior Son hadn’t shown great valor and skill with his own blade. Oh to have such strength!! He could plough a field without a draft animal if he wanted too.
Then Carlist, my dearest friend, did something that vindicated him in the eyes of both my, the Brothers, and of Father Cooper. He placed his hands on the dying father, and miraculously cured him of all of his injuries. Such great sacrifice, for Carlist mustered all of his faith and body in that act, and soon passed out.
Lights out for tonight, I shall continue this journal tomorrow after morning prayer.

The Following Morning
Carlist kept me up all night. Until the maiden’s bell rang at least. Then he was fast asleep, realizing he must catch some rest before he heads out after breakfast.
Continuing from where I left off yesterday . .
The beast, although slain, left its influence on the sept and those within it. The archmage was screaming nonsense to his young apprentice, and a debaucherous young nobleman was almost taunting us in a way I could not understand. The grizzled smith, began to examine the alter. Everyone seemed to have something to do. I tended to Carlist.
As I was nursing my friend to consciousness, the Warrior Sons began to clear out the sept. One man, trying to leave without notice, was immediately discovered by Carlist. As he tried to stammer to get the attention of the guard, the archmage began to strangle his student. It was terrible. Carlist and the smith set upon the archmage, with Carlist even breaking his arm (tonight he is trying to practice his skill at the staff, I’ll shall wash out the linens later today). Although apologetic, Father Cooper seemed to have an understanding for the boy. Needless to say, with his bones broken, the archmage’s hold on the apprentice was relinquished.
The man, who was captured by the Warrior Son, was covered in tattoos. Carlist believed that he was one of the Wanderers from ages past, men who spread the supernatural everywhere they went. The Warrior Sons are more skilled in dealing with these matters. Those who follow the Light tend to the common needs of the common people.
As soon as that was to an end, the sept cleared out quickly, with each individual attending to their own duties. We were going to begin purifying the sept, when some of our elders relieved us of our task. I am glad, for I feared the influence of the dark beast, as we saw what it had done to the archmage.
(The rest of my journal today is a recounting of what Carlist had told me, as I was ascending to the rank of Brother back at the Church of Light.)
Carlist came home late, after dinner. The Brothers and I, in a rare display of gluttony, were treated to a grand feast, were we were able to partake in the consumption of meat, a rarity for the Brothers. Carlist was conspicuously absent. We had feared he had been excommunicated for his folly during the Ritual of the Three. The Fathers were murmuring to themselves during the feast, which I found particularly odd.
Carlist told me that he joined an elder for dinner at his house, after apparently being involved in rescuing from a trio of muggers. Actually it was the rogue who saved the old man, apparently he is quite an accomplished swordsman. Carlist then proceeded to dine with this man, and tells me he cooked up quite a meal. Carlist may be a klutz and a near mute, but he sure knows how to cook.
My friend’s night didn’t end there. Apparently he and his companions from the Ritual of the Three were charged with finding an ogre that has been marauding the countryside inland. Father Cooper tasked him with this personally. Carlist wouldn’t talk much about his chats with Father Cooper, but he did spend a majority of the night (when he wasn’t practicing with his staff or breaking my nose (same thing)) praying for forgiveness from the Light.
When we woke up, we proceeded to morning prayer and breakfast. That is when Carlist told me he was going to have to ride a horse on his travels. This worries me. Carlist, having been raised by a miller, never had much need to learn of animals, and now that need is great. I hope the knowledge I imparted on him is beneficial to his travels.

Conversation between Carlist Mills and Mathias Smythe on the ride from Porliss Caith to the Horse and Saddle Roadhouse

(For the sake of simplicity, Carlist’s stutter has been removed)

Carlist: You’re heading to great danger, Mathias. Amil contains only woe. The child I carried with me was from that town, and it brought me nothing but trouble.

Mathias: I’d rather face something I know the God of Light can defeat, rather than something like the terror you face in Helias Girith. Our faith can stop the advancement of The Darkness faster than it can stop the cleaving axe of an orc.

Carlist: I don’t know, I’ve fought orges, and I’ve fought The Darkness. I did not fail when I fought ogres . . . .

Mathias: and you did not fail when you fought The Darkness eitherCarlist: -but I DID! The child was taken from me, I lost Plowshare, and I’m still paying the penance.

Mathias: Nobody is making you pay that penance but yourself.

Carlist: You have never failed the same way I have.

Mathias: You cannot make that claim Carlist. I have failed, far greater than you could imagine. I wish I had the heart to tell you of MY failings.

Carlist: What do you mean?

Mathias: Loosen the reigns.

Carlist: What?

Mathias: The reigns, you’re holding them too tight. It confuses the horse.

Carlist: Oh. Sorry, must have tightened them while we were talking.

Mathias: There, that’s better, now the horse can continue at the pace we’ve set.

Carlist: Thanks.

Mathias: No problem. Tell me, I ran into a Warrior Son when I was preparing the horses this morning. He was going on to Father Cooper about something that belonged to the Wanderer you helped capture last night. Some map or something. Would you know anything about it?

Carlist: I had a map that I took off the Wanderer last night. Most likely a map to a temple of The Darkness. I don’t trust the Warrior Sons with matters of faith.

Mathias: Why wouldn’t you trust them? Especially you, you trust everyone.

Carlist: Because I believe that The Seven are losing influence in this world.

Mathias: What makes you think that. The Warrior Son’s faith rivals our own.

Carlist: They may have the same amount of faith we do, but their connection to their gods is failing.

Mathias: What makes you think that?

Carlist: Because I have yet to see evidence on the contrary.0

Mathias: Go on . .

Carlist: Three days ago, when I fought the ogre with Torrent, his faith failed him. He lost his courage, and passed out in the heat of battle.

Mathias: Just like your faith failed you?

Carlist: I failed. Faith had nothing to do with it. The God of Light rewarded me that night, in spite of my failure. I shall never doubt the strength of the Light.

Mathias: So back to this map. Father Cooper denied having it. Said you never even saw him that night. Why would he do that?

Carlist: Perhaps he shares my belief.

Mathias: Ha! The day you and Father Cooper agree on something is the day the sun stops rising!!

Carlist: Don’t joke!!

Mathias: Actually, I’m sure he would prefer if the sun didn’t rise today. Why is he here?

Carlist: Kelvin? He’s a good fighter. You heard what he did to Vigur Bale? That’s only half of his skill. He has saved my life many times already.

Mathias: But he’s a drunkard, and a blasphemer, why do you associate with him.

Carlist: Because I believe deep down that he is a good person . . . just in need of a little – guidance . . .

Brother Smythe

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