Sergeant Axbrow

Sneering, sadistic and corrupt sergeant in the city guard in Karliah.


“I see you’ve done alright today Otto, you’ve sold out of your loafs and cakes. People must’ve been hungry after the festival; like me, hungry, and you’ve got nothing left. And here I was protecting your shop all day, making sure none of those street urchins made off with any of your goods. Guard’s work doesn’t pay well Otto, and if I don’t have enough to buy food, well… how can I do my job? I’d hate to see thugs from Blade’s Gang walk in here and take your money, or your pretty wife, because I was too weak from lack of food to go on patrol. Is that your cash box under your cloak there Otto?”

Sergeant Axbrow is notorious in the Huntsman’s Quarter as a nasty, deceitful, blackmailing terror of a guard. He is thoroughly corrupt and everyone knows it but can do little about it as he holds the district in fear of punishment and further extortion. He particularly hates the street urchins and will go out of his way to catch and beat them. He is often seen with a few of his cronies and fellow conspiring guardsmen, though none are as abjectly cruel as Axbrow.


Sergeant Axbrow

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