Roscoe Hardwick

Burly, gruff, somewhat slovenly bartender and owner of The Barnacle tavern in the poor district (the Huntsman's Quarter) of Karliah.


Roscoe Hardwick

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“Good evening! Welcome to the Barnacle. Sit down and Melinda will fetch you some supper… not on that bench stranger, that’s Caldoon’s bench and unless you want to leave here in the next cart for the sewers I’d find another seat. Don’t look so worried, Melinda’ll fix you up with something hot to eat and I’ve got some strong Cruel-Sea Drag to wash whatever troubles away which brought you here in the first place. That dagger you’re wearing stays in its sheath though, I see any flash o’ steal from you and the rats out back will feast on your bones. Now, did you want a tankard or a bottle?”

Roscoe Hardwick stands solidly behind the simple bar of the Barnacle like a scarred and stalwart oak. He looks like someone built him out of rough cutoffs from the lumber yard and fused them together with a mix of pitch and beer. He takes no nonsense, but those who call him friend know he can be genuinely helpful and generous to those he cares about. No friend to the city guard, but no stooge to the underworld either, Roscoe hold a unique position in the Huntsman’s Quarter as someone who can be trusted, simply because he won’t risk getting involved in any funny business. He hears a lot though, and not much goes on in the Huntsman’s Quarter that he doesn’t know something about.


Roscoe Hardwick

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