Friendly, efficient yet quick to chew out those who abuse 'her' bar... stay on her good side and you'll be fine.


“The food’s hot love, so if you don’t want to wear it take your feet off the table. That’s a good swordsman. Whatever are you doing in the Quarter deary? Those stains on your clothes don’t look much like mud to me, hmmmm? No, keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to know what your mother wouldn’t be proud of. Another tankard?”

Melinda brings more than a touch of welcome and homeliness to the Barnacle Tavern in the poor district of Karliah. Her loud but pleasant voice fills evenings in the small and stained tavern and has a soothing effect on even the roughest customers. However, when things get out of hand, as they often do, Melinda never shrinks behind the bar or retreats to the basement, she usually grabs a long thick broom handle from the back room and her calls of “OUT! OUT!” are easily the most forceful shouts heard.




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