Skinny blond teenager, excitable and eager


Chris has been crew on the Cloudhopper for about four years now. Gnemoarshiz took him on in Helas Girith when his family practically begged Genmoarshiz to give him work. He’s proven a fairly able seaman and is always trying to improve his skills. Aside from shipping skills, Chris took what opportunity he could to care for the ships crossbow, and in the odd spare hours he had, practice firing at targets with blunt bolts.

Chris has always longed for a bit of adventure and a few days after the foreigners Rabinagath and Zartoshvar came aboard in Sendsend he got just that. An band of Orcs had raided the villages in the King’s Fields and set some of them on fire, chasing the villagers to the banks of the Maysend. When the Cloudhopper encountered the Orcs and tried to rescue their victims Chris was ordered to bring the crossbow up from below decks and fire upon the enemy. He did so, and struck two direct hits on two different Orcmen, maiming if not killing them. His enthusiasm for this victory was quickly short-circuited as the crossbow’s bow snapped on his next attempt. But this hasn’t stopped him from now trying to learn to repair crossbows!



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