Tales of the Adventure

The River Grass

The party carefully searches the deck of the derelict River Grass and discovers the bodies of captain Green, another crew member, a man in dark clothing with a tattoo of a skull on his breast. As well, one man is alive though near death; a dog guards him. Rabinagath carefully approaches the man and learns, despite his inability to speak, what he thinks is the story of an attack on the ship by men like the one in black who killed his father and stole his sister. The young men soon dies but gives Rabinagath a locket with a small painting of what is believed to be his sister and father. Many goods have also been taken from the ship and it seems at one point the bow hold was on fire.

Zartoshvar discovers the body of a man, assumed to be the father, in the cabin below decks in the aft of the ship. There is also fancy Farusean clothing strewn about; much of it women’s. The back of the ship is sinking slowly due to damage to the hull.

The party removes the dead and brings them aboard the Cloudhopper. All other goods are inventoried by Noel and they pump out the bilges of the River Grass and tie it up so that it can be towed.



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