Tales of the Adventure

Little Deceptions, episode 7

The Streets of Helas Girith

The party disembarks into the streets of Helas Girith, sans most weapons impounded by the port authority.

Zartoshvar suffers a mild panic attack and fees he cannot enter the busy streets of the city, instead keeping to the water front and explains he will meet the party later at the Boots of Grace.

Rabinagath and Cloudhopper with River Grass the dog decide to accompany Rebekah and Quintus and help them find Quintus’ cousin the grain handler and the warhouses in the Northeastern warehouse district of the city. They pass along a central busy throughfare and stop in at a doctor’s to see what can be done about Cloudhopper’s wound. The doctor advises them to rest under the proper care of a doctor (such as himself) but baring that, they could seeks out the help of an alchemist or perhaps the Church. The doctor seems to take a liking to Cloudhopper and feels sorry for him, giving him a discount on some healing herbs and bandages and tells him to make sure the dressing is changed everyday.

Rabinagath spies some of the same people who sized up Quintus and Rebekah at the docks in the street outside the doctor’s residence. He stares at them and they leave back down towards the docks.

Zartoshvar, at the water front, calls over some street urchins and asks them to locate a tobananist. They pester him somewhat and ask him mnay questions about Dredena, but he finally gets them to fetch him a tobaccanist at the cost of a copper. When the tobacconist arrives, he is a little pissed at being drawn away from his shop just to serve some haughty Dredenian. He sells Zartoshvar tobacco, but soon the urchins confirm the price was a liitle too high.

Meanwhile, Rabinagath and Cloudhopper continue on towards the warehouse district through the main market place. Cloudhopper keeps an eye out for buildings and stalls of note.

Nearly there now, Rabinagath and Cloudhopper are walking down a street between rows of warehouses when they spot the men who were trailing them from before coming up from behind. In a moment, another three men close off their egress from in front. Rabinagath asks a passing dockworker directions and as he is explaining he spots the men approaching and puts down his barrel.

The men who have surrounded them demand money, but no sooner can they get their demands out when a screaming Rabinagath charges forward with his firepit staff and smacks one of them down! The fray is joined by all and after four seconds of furious jabbing and poking (including a vicious backstabbing by Cloudhopper) two muggers lay sprawlled out on the ground, River Grass bleeds from his side and the other attacks have run off. The dockworker congratulates the party on a fine fight and says suchs things are not uncommon in these parts.

Rabinagath looks to the wounds River Grass had sustained, while Quintus comforts Rebekah once again.



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