Tales of the Adventure

Helas Girith

After pumping out and hooking up the derelict River Grass to the Cloudhopper, the party heads doen river towards Helas Girith. On the final night of their voyage, Rabinagath attempts to consult his Gods with a innocent enough yet decidedly disturbing ritual involving a circular arrangement of the bodies from the River Grass which are being kept in the hold. As Rabinagath prepares to meditate in this circle of bodies, he is interupted by Cloudhopper who cannot stomach this display and fetches the captain. Gnemoarshiz flies into a rage when he sees what Rabinagath is doing and orders him onto the deck.

The next morning the party finally arrives at Helas Girith; the sprawling agricultural centre of Tandasea. The air is warm and dry and the sun glares of the golden dome of the Church of Light which dominates the city skyline.

At the dock, the harbour master along with several dock workers wait for the approaching Cloudhopper. Explanations are needed as to why the Cloudhopper tows the River Grass and Gnemoarshiz spends some time explaining the circumstances. Zartoshvar and Rabinagath are somewhat suspect, being foreigners, but on Gnemoarshiz assurances they are allowed to disembark, provided they hand over their weapons (which can be claimed at the harbour master’s office when they leave the city).

The dog which they found on the River Grass whines and won’t leave its master as the dock wardens remove the bodies from the Cloudhopper. However, Rabinagath takes the time to calm the creature down and manages to tie a rope around its neck. For now at least the dog, which has been given the inspired name of River Grass, seems to stay with Rabinagath.

While the party stands on deck and official business is dealt with by Gnemoarshiz, they notice a distinct group of men wearing the same identical cut of clothing whispering amongst themselves and staring at Zartoshver. As well, a few down and out looking folks seem to be eyeing up Quintus and Rebekah from the pier.

Once business has been concluded with the harbour master, Gnemoarshiz takes Cloudhopper aside and says his goodbyes. He gives him a sack with some money and a silver bracelet from Cloudhopper’s father as well as a knife. He promises Cloudhopper he will help when he can as Cloudhopper has been ‘like the son he never had’.

Rebekah and Quintus, the two villagers rescued from the water when the Orcs attacked, look nervous and unsure of themselves in the big city. They say all they need to is reach Quintus’ cousin where he works at the granaries and he will help them. The party decides they will help the pair and escort them to the granaries.



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