Tales of the Adventure

A Night in Goln

How much to remove this arrow?

After the encounter with the Orcmen and the rescue of the two villagers, Gnemoarshiz steers the Cloudhopper on towards the trading town of Goln where he hopes to pick up goods from Farusea as well as see if poor Cloudhopper can get some medical assistance.

Rabinagath and Zartoshvar attempt to converse with the two villagers they rescued, and learn the the Orcs came in the night riding huge wolves and set fire to the village, killing many and dragging many away. All who were not killed or stolen fled, but most who did so were cut down as the party saw by the river. Zartoshvar offers his famous ‘Milk of the Poppy’ to the troubled pair, and the man takes some to give to the woman whose name is Rebekah. When told the ship is going to Helas Girith and if they know of anyone there, the man responds that he has a cousin there who will help them.

Docking close to evening, Cloudhopper is quickly brought into town and a local healer sought out. Zartoshvar and Rabinagath help Cloudhopper to the house of Bern, the healer that locals at the Goln tavern recommend. Upon seeing Cloudhopper, Bern steadies himself and asks the assistance of his two companions in extracting the arrow. He boasts of his skill with a surgeon’s blade, but when the moment of truth arrives and the arrow is extracted, Cloudhopper visibly spasms and falls back into unconsciousness, his chest torn with the extraction. However, having no better alternative, Cloudhopper is left in the care of Bern and his companions return to the ship for the night.

The next day a trip is made to the smithy to see if any weapons are to be had for the party to defend themselves against any other encounters with Orcs. The seaman Chris also brings along the broken crossbow (which he tried to fix himself) to see if anything can be done about that. The smith explains he does not have the skill to repair a crossbow as it is out of his expertise, but he can sell Rabinagath a spear from an order that was commissioned by the King’s army and was not not collected with the others. Zartoshvar asks if he has a sabre, and the man produces a short sword saying it is a better, and the only, sword he has. Zartoshvar tries to bargain with him to reforge the sabre he already owns, but the price is too high and Zartoshvar leaves with his same old cheap short sword. Back to the Cloudhopper they go.

The Cloudhopper takes on more cargo and Gnemoarshiz announces it is time to leave. A quick cast off and the ship is underway, wearing its way downstream. Several hours pass and then in the middle of the afternoon the party spies a derelict whip adrift in the middle of the river. A dog can be heard barking from its deck and as the Cloudhopper draws nearer they can see the ship is listing badly and sinking, its stern much lower in the water than the bow. Burn marks can be seen on deck near the forward hatch and several bodies can be seen on board, including one that dangles, caught in the ropes, head first into the river…



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