Tales of the Adventure

An unlikely party

You never know who you'll meet at the Barnacle in the middle of the night...

Karliah, midnight:

As Hywel and Pythia set off towards the castle gates, they are abruptly called back by Grandmother Abalone riding forth with her steward and Pythia’s handmaiden Nilsine. Abalone complains of Pythia’s inappropriate attire and send her back with Nilsine to don something more suitable for the task ahead. Abalone then turns to Hywel and again outlines his mission, informing him he is to meet with the great Master Corvo at the Barnacle tavern in the Huntsman’s Quarter. Master Corvo’s services have been secured to add further protection for Pythia and she explains that Master Corvo is an experienced and masterful protector with years of service equalling near to 40 years. Hywel takes her instruction and heads out the gates towards the Huntsman’s quarter, but as he does so he sees a man in dark robes marching hastily towards the castle gate, another large man at his side, presumably a guard. The man complains of his house having been burglarized, and that the city watch is doing nothing worthwhile about it. He demands the royal guard step up and catch the thief! Hywel listen’s to his demands and learns the thief stole a rather valuable piece of jewellery. Hywel summons sergeant Axbrow, whom he knows is a notoriously unpleasant individual, and sends him off on the case. Hywel then heads towards the barnacle to meet with Master Corvo.

In another part of town, young Aeryn of Trebec explores the vast strangeness of the city, simultaneously impressed and awed. She hides her sword carefully in her backpack and keeps her bow unstrung so as to not attract unwanted attention from the guard.

*work in progress



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