Tales of the Adventure

An Enemy Within: Episode 3

A HUGE bandit!

After an incident with a delusional (?) Warrior Son at the Warrior Son temple, Viggur Bale and Torrent led the party along the Northwest trail towards Littleton in the hopes of catching the (supposed) marauding Ogre that had attacked the villagers enroute to Porliss Caith. The party spent the night in a roadside Inn, where a local confirmed the existence of an Ogre, but several party members insisted (understandably) that the ‘Ogre’ was nothing more than a large bandit.

The next day however, fears were confirmed and at a bend in the road a savage and colossal creature was encountered which wielded the wheel of the wagon it had destroyed as a weapon as it charged the party. The sudden charge of the monster threatened to cause a panic among the party, however all managed to stand their ground (quite remarkable) except for the mighty Torrent who was overcome with the passion of the immanent battle and collapsed off of his horse.

In the proceeding furious seconds, a surprisingly brave Kelvin faced down the Ogre almost on his own and managed to plunge several skillful thrusts into its hulking form. The young wizard’s apprentice Arthur slipped under the overturned wagon and set the ground ablaze beneath the Ogre’s feet and then attempted to push the beast back with a sustained blast of magical wind. At the same time the slow but steady smith Jorgan advanced on the thing and smote it with powerful hammer fells, causing it to bellow in pain. Even the acolyte of the Light, Carlist Mills, managed to whack the monstrosity with his staff. Somehow, Kelvin the light-footed found his way up to the creatures back and began to deal blows to it’s head and neck. The Ogre bucked and whirled in frustration, swinging its wagon wheel blindly trying to swat the annoying man from its back. Arthur, from beneath the wagon, continued to direct his ‘cone of wind’ at the Ogre which had the interesting effect of causing nimble Kelvin to flap about in the gusts while holding onto the creature’s hair like a flag on a flagpole.

In the following seconds Kelvin struck home with yet another finely aimed blow and pierced the creatures neck with his rapier. At the same time Jorgan smashed into its side with his smith’s hammer and and audible crack sounded the breaking of the thing’s ribcage. The Ogre smashed to the ground in a heap and expired it’s last.

Raclaw, gob stuck and incredulous had seen to the horses, which whinnied and pulled at their reins but somehow also did not panic.

Carlist, remembering his priestly duties, began to attend to the bodies of the dead villagers that had been strewn about the area; looking for where the other halves of bodies could have gone…



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