Tales of the Adventure

An Empire on the Brink, episode 4

Bugbears and Nazaraads and Bandits, oh my!

After delivering the wounded bandit to members of the Trebond household, Pythia, Colin and Stephan returned to Stephan’s house to find the other bandit buried and Aeryn talking of something in the trees with bird feathers but human hands. Stephan revealed what he had hoped was not true about the possible appearance of a Nazaraad; a creature that impregnates a woman with a demon, and the horrible chance that it had done so to Lady Katherine of House Cortland.

During the ensuing discussion Griffen began to bark at something in the forest. Aeryn investigated and saw bushes rustling and heard twigs snap but saw nothing identifiable. She did find tracks, however, of a large and beastly print. She heard more rustling in the bushes and fired an arrow where she hoped the thing would be, but her arrow struck a tree and she soon returned to camp.

The party discussed what course of action to take concerning both the evidence of a Bugbear (or something else that steals men’s livers) and of a Nazaard. Stephan, feeling a bit out of his depth suggested visiting the wizard Octavius in his tower to the south and asking him for advice. The other suggestion of heading to House Cortland and inquiring about, and potentially warning concerning, Lady Katherine herself seemed more appealing and the party took the horses and headed towards the Cortland boundaries.

Staying the night in a roadside Inn before entering the village proper, the party decided to let the agile Crow enter the Cortland estates on his own and under cover of nightfall first. Crow, being an expert in all things wizardly, would be able to detect any magic or other demonic influences upon the lady and report back to the party to give them a better idea of what was really going on, exclaimed Pythia.



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