Tales of the Adventure

A Mission of Three

In the aftermath of the demonic interruption of the Strength of Three ceremony, a shard of the White Blade of Markus is found inside the cracked and tainted alter and a strange man with dark eyes and intricate, arcane tattoos in discovered lurking about the rear of the temple. The tattooed man in taken into custody and removed to the Warrior Son barracks for questioning and the party leaves the temple and exits into the confused and panicked streets. Many people have boarded themselves up in their homes upon hearing the alarm of a demon loose in the temple, and still others have taken up arms and formed small groups to seek out this enemy. The party sees an middle-aged man being accosted in an alley by young thugs who are taking advantage of the chaos to rob him. Kelvin springs into action and chases the ruffians away and as a result the party is invited to the mans house for diner where he tells them tales of his younger days when he and a friend explored the Monroe caves looking for treasure. It seems he did indeed find treasure but also lost his friend to some beast that fell upon them in the shadows of the cave. He never returned.

Later that evening the party comes across a commotion at the gates of the city where a group of travellers hobbles into the city with a tale of a giant man-beast, and Ogre, which attacked their wagon and sundered their group. Out of the crowd the renown Orc slayer Vigur Bale steps forth and calls for volunteers to join him in hunting this monstrosity. Only Jorgan Smitharm steps forth from the entire throng of people gathered…

That night, Torrent River is taken aside by the Lord Commander in the Warrior Son barracks and his mission is discussed. It is suggested that with lack of proper leads, perhaps the incident with the Ogre should be investigated as any evidence of strange and foul events may point to the clues of where the demon who stole the sword is.

Carlist also is spoken to by Father Cooper who, with mixed feelings, charges him with assisting the Warrior Sons in finding the Blade.

Arthur is called to his master’s side and told that the Circle council has decided that despite his lack of experience, because Arthur suffered the same visions as his master, he is the closest link to helping to search out the Blade with the Church and the Warrior sons and he is tasked with assisting them.

Meanwhile, as Kelvin roams the streets drunk, he is found by the barmaid Amy who pleads with him to help her brother who is greatly in debt to nefarious persons in Helas Girith. Kelvin agrees, though it may be the wine or the promise of her gratitude that persuades him.



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